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You have found the perfect candidate. Now is to onboard this new hire to ensure that they are prepared to find their passion and purpose within your organisation. You want that new employee to be prepared and confident to do their job successfully. Check out this wonderful infographic.

There will always be operational constraints to limit the effectiveness of your onboarding efforts. To make matters worse, you feel powerless in managing the entire process due to a couple of reasons. One of them mainly due to the disposition of your (distributed) workforce.

How can we leverage on technology to streamline this highly repeating workflow? Let us have a look at this checklist first.

Checklist for Onboarding

Here’s a list of things you should have ready by the time your new hires walk in the door, even before they step into the office:

  1. Prepare paperwork
  2. Discuss role, goals and projects
  3. Send out an e-mail to everyone in the office so they’re prepared to welcome a new employee.
  4. Get the new worker a security badge if he or she needs one.
  5. Prepare employee’s workstation.
  6. Set up the computer.
  7. Give access to any tools they will need
  8. Assign required reading
  9. Prepare benefits package
  10. Configure the new employee’s e-mail accounts.
  11. Provide guides for any necessary software he or she will be using.
  12. Set up his or her phone system, and provide instructions for using voicemail.
  13. Have a stack of business cards waiting.
  14. Welcome to the team
  15. Tour of the office
  16. Explain your expectations
  17. Induct into company culture
  18. Assign a mentor
  19. Take out to lunch
  20. Assign first project
  21. Explain expectations for the following month
  22. Meet to check over paperwork
  23. Plan check-in meetings
  24. Explain long-term goals
  25. Provide reading material for personal growth
  26. Encourage them to socially interact with the team
  27. Review onboarding process over the next 60 days
  28. Other Sources

Leveraging on Technology to Enhance Onboarding Effectiveness

Micro-learning is often viewed as a tool used to upskill existing employees, or to improve levels of knowledge in the workplace. This is most important considering the science behind usage of micro-learning.

Here are six reasons why microlearning works so well for onboarding as well:

  1. Loading is reasonable – A new employee has to absorb a lot of information when they first join your company. In fact, the amount of required reading can be quite heavy. This can be an overwhelming for an employee, which may result in them failing to retain such information.
  2. Learning without mentor – The employee can go through your training and documentation with minimal supervision, which frees up the HR team and mentors.
  3. Effective use of face-to-face time – You won’t be able go through all your onboarding procedures using microlearning – at the very least, that would be an impersonal experience for the new employee. That said, putting appropriate elements of the onboarding process into a microlearning course will make those times that you are face-to-face more effective and productive.
  4. Flexibility in onboarding – Have you ever need to wait for the fourth new hire before you can start the onboarding proceeding? With micro-learning you can start anytime, even before the onboarding starts!
  5. On demand learning – So that the new hire can review when necessary. With micro-learning, it’s easy the new hire or even experienced staff to go back to a particular micro-learning asset.
  6. Updating your onboarding programme is a breeze – Instead of changing full manuals and re-design the programme or lesson plan, you can simply update the respective micro-learning asset.

Micro-learning is definitely not suitable for every step of the onboarding, but it is a worthwhile tool that makes better use of your resources.

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