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What is it about?

The pace of disruptions in business is fast increasing everywhere. Employees must keep learning to stay relevant to employers; and organisations must embrace learning to stay ahead of disruptions. Your employees are always creating valuable tacit knowledge, but do you know these are often lost? Can you effectively and efficiently leverage on your corporate memory for organisational learning?

Let our Social Micro-Learning and Engagement System, SMiLES, give your organisation the edge. With years of pedagogical and technological research, we have developed SMiLES to miniaturise learning technologies for powering instant-mobile-first learning needs.

How does it work?

Say you encounter a teachable moment; or want to introduce new products or processes to your employees. You can easily capture and codify the valuable information using photos or video through the highly configurable taxonomic system. This micro-content can be pushed to all staff for instant learning, anytime, anywhere.

Workplace learners love our Just-Enough pedagogy, comprising of On-Demand and Just-in-Time approach. For On-Demand learning, SMiLES’ ontological search feature will pull the most contextual contents from among the organisational repository. For Just-in-Time learning, particularly useful in inducting new employees, you form a Learning Group, create a mini-lesson, pick and sequence relevant micro-contents and you are ready to push knowledge to them!

SMiLES also have quizzes and analytics to visualise learning progress. Through ratings, reviews and reflections, you can be sure that the socially-created contents are of high relevance. There is also chat function to facilitate interaction with the knowledge experts and discuss over specific articles.

Our adaptive reminder function will periodically push appropriate contents, which can be personalised, to strengthen learners’ knowledge retention. We even have location-based learning features for location-specific contents!

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With so many advanced capabilities in SMiLES, we take the frowns out from your organisational learning!

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