Micro-Learning – The Natural Approach to Learning

After decades of learning, I’ve come to the conclusion that classroom learning is unnatural. The natural learning approach is micro-learning.

Take a moment and reflect on the long-term knowledge that you have with you that you can readily utilize. Do they come from classroom learning or were they acquired through social settings? Conventionally and traditionally, knowledge was the mandate of learning institutions as they were designed for research and curation of knowledge. To share the knowledge efficiently, the field of pedagogy was invented to develop the most efficient way to gather big groups of learners and systematically, and hopefully effectively, transfer the knowledge to them.

While teaching and training can be systemised, learning is very difficult, if not impossible, to control. Hence grouping learners into one setting and controlling the learning environment comes from efficiency rather than effectiveness need. This is why I posit that classroom learning is unnatural.

The more natural approach is micro-learning, whereby learners are empowered to access knowledge in miniaturized format so that they can form their own cognitive connections and patterns, even as they explore other patterns which can be presented in much larger formats.

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