Micro-Learning Developer Programme for A+B Tourism Training Hub

On 14 May 2018, a team of dedicated and experience Tourist Guides from A+B Tourism Training Hub attended our Micro-Learning Developer Programme (MLDP) and benefitted from the comprehensive programme.

Introduction of MLDP

Mobagogy, which means learning led by mobile technology, is a relatively new personalised learning model that integrates mobile technology with andragogy.

As training moves toward more digital formats, it is colliding with new realities in learners’ jobs, behaviours, habits and preferences. Today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. Flexibility in where and how they learn is increasingly important. They want to learn from their peers and managers as much as from experts. They are also taking more control over their own development. There are obvious shifts in the power zones of learning, from institutional zones to personal zones.

Considering these trends, we have leveraged on years of andragogical and technological research, and developed SMiLES (Social and Micro-Learning and Engagement System ) to miniaturise learning technologies for powering instant-mobile-first learning needs. We believe that SMiLES will allow businesses to improve employee performance by better connecting with the needs of the modern workplace learners.

This micro-learning developer programme is to equip AEs with practical knowledge and skills in developing authentic micro-learning lessons using the SMiLES technology and methodological approach. Learners will be brought through the full spectrum of content development to actual implementation of the contents at the workplace.

Learning Outcome of MLDP

By the end of the training programme, learners will be able to:

  • Interpret mobagogy in today’s CET landscape
  • Appraise the relevance of micro-learning for today and tomorrow
  • Analyse the learning needs of intended learners (SMiLES Identifying)
  • Construct micro-learning objectives (MLO) to achieve intended learning outcomes (SMiLES Bridging and Mapping)
  • Design and develop micro-learning assets based on instructional design considerations (SMiLES Focusing)
  • Produce course materials with focus on competency-based learning (SMiLES Focusing)
  • Evaluate micro-learning mini lessons for design improvement

Who Should Attend CMLDP

Learners should ideally be:

  • Adult educators with a keen interest in learning design and development, particularly in area of micro-learning
  • New and/or practising micro-learning developers who need to design courseware based on micro-learning content
  • Professionals from a wide range of industries with subject matter expertise in a specific domain who also take on instructional design and assessment design functions in the form of micro-learning in their workplace

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