Micro-Learning – More to Chew than Bite

In my previous article I posited that I’ve come to regard micro-learning as the natural learning approach. So what’s micro-learning?

Many would say it’s about bite-sized learning. Allow me to suggest that it’s more than that. Micro-learning is about miniaturizing four areas:

  1. contents
  2. technology
  3. policies
  4. credentialing

A micro-content should be succinct yet sufficient as an idea or point of its own. It should serve to whet the appetite of the learner. The technology delivering the micro-contents should be small and simple enough without the learner having to navigate much to access the new contents.

There should be good workplace policies to scaffold the learners as micro-learning, while effective as one-point lessons, might not be as effective in more complex subjects. Morning roll-calls and meetings are some slots where micro-learning can be inserted. Rewards and incentives should also be part of the policies to encourage consuming and sharing micro-knowledge.

Micro-learning could also be coupled with micro-credentialing to serve as recognized sign posts and mile stones for the learners and the company.

So when you think of micro-learning look beyond the contents!

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