Epiphany and Micro-Learning

What is epiphany? In 2011, I had to do a 20k-word dissertation as part of my Master of Arts in Lifelong Learning. It was a harrowing period as I dislike writing, and more so because I found it meaningless as I saw little value of putting into words concepts that I had learnt well. Anyway there was no major requirement to be academically original since it was only a Master of Arts dissertation and not PhD. I almost gave it up as my business was a greater concern and I had no need of the qualification. On the last month before I gave it up, I came across a research paper on employability, and that was my epiphanic moment! Suddenly everything that I studied in MALL made sense to me, and I was so motivated to complete my dissertation. I did that within one month and received an A for it!

Cambridge Dictionary defines epiphany as “a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you”. I’m sure many others had such similar experiences before. How does epiphany happen? I believe it does not happen out of nothingness or randomness. On the contrary, it happens because much prior efforts have been invested to gather the many pieces of the puzzle and it is just waiting for that one final golden piece to connect everything together.

This is where I think the value of micro-learning is – to be that golden piece, or be that many other pieces to form your full picture of your learning. It’s your own picture since it depends on how you put together the micro-pieces.

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