Codifying Knowledge and Skills

All forms of knowledge and skill (KS) acquisition start at the tacit level for a learner. When such KS is learnt we say the KS has been internalized. When the learner now utilizes the KS and combines with specific domain experience, new tacit knowledge is created. The interesting question is how can this new or modified KS be captured for others to learn? This is where the complex tasks of KS codification come in.

I believe the codification process has to start with getting the ‘expert’ (the person with the KS to be codified) to talk about his KS. This can be done through social discussions. Socialization helps in energizing the KS in surfacing it to the explicit level.

The KS can then be documented through visuals and lexicons. Particular attention should be given to extracting the cognitive acumen through asking ‘why this and not that’.

The documented KS could be validated and further combined with other documented KS to create a bigger body of KS.

This body of KS can subsequently be taught to practitioners. The practitioners can then utilize the KS in different contexts to create even more KS. The KS cycle goes on.

I am convinced that micro-learning and democraticising KS creation are critical in the KS cycle.



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