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Let our Social Micro-Learning and Engagement System, SMiLES, give your organisation the edge. With years of pedagogical and technological research, we have developed SMiLES to miniaturise learning technologies for powering instant-mobile-first learning needs.

About Us

SMiLES is a Social and Micro-Learning System designed and developed by biipmi Pte Ltd, Singapore’s home-grown CET-Tech Consultancy firm that focuses on delivering effective, practical and enduring solutions, facilitating client’s growth. To achieve the intended outcome, biipmi work directly with clients over long periods to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, apply new working methods, and integrate new capabilities in multiple discipline.


We invest significant resources in identifying exceptionally capable people in their respective industries, developing their skills, and providing them with built-from- scratch tools and resources customised for our clients. This effort allows us to partner our clients to offer them highly contextualised solutions. Contact us to learn more about our recruitment needs.

Anderson Tan

Organisational Learning Strategist

Anfernee Tan

Business Development & Learning Specialist

Kenneth Wayne Wills

Organisational Scientist

Ian Lye

Organisational Psychologist

Alphonsus Tan

Organisational Learning Consultant

Rita Judson

Cloud Support

Ujwal Abhishek



biipmi has the privilege of working with some of the most well-known companies in the world and we do not take this lightly. We view our Clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure. We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our Clients come first. And we are not afraid to push the envelope or encourage restraint. We are only as good as the reputation of our Clients, and we willingly put our own reputation on the line to ensure that they get as much out of the relationship as we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micro-Learning?

Micro-learning refers to bite-sized training assets. It is not only compact, it’s also focused, offering just the right amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective. This makes micro-learning in business contexts especially valuable. – Allen Communication Learning Services

What is Social Learning?

Social learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and can occur purely through observation or direct instruction, even in the absence of motor reproduction or direct reinforcement.

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Micro-learning increasingly plays a role in workplace learning. Read our blog to discover how you can leverage on micro-learning to enhance Learning & Development.

Micro-Learning Developer Programme for A+B Tourism Training Hub

On 14 May 2018, a team of dedicated and experience Tourist Guides from A+B Tourism Training Hub attended our Micro-Learning Developer Programme (MLDP) and benefitted from the comprehensive programme. Introduction of MLDP Mobagogy, which means learning led by mobile technology, is a relatively new personalised learning model that integrates mobile technology with andragogy. As training moves toward […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro-Learning

According to Ericsson’s forecast, 80% of the world’s population (6.4 billion people) will be Smartphone users by 2021. With this information, we can expect micro-learning or mobile learning to be one of the key learning technologies to look into. Micro-learning, or mobile learning here refers to learning with the help of mobile devices, laptops or other similar […]

Bringing Digital Learning to Myanmar

It’s with great honour for us to JV with several Myanmar companies (MAPCO – Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation, And MIF – Myanmar Institute of Finance) to introduce the mobile-first digital learning app to Myanmar. Myanmar has one of the fastest mobility growth rates in ASEAN, and mobile learning delivery outstrips any other modes of delivery […]

Unlock Onboarding with Micro-learning

You have found the perfect candidate. Now is to onboard this new hire to ensure that they are prepared to find their passion and purpose within your organisation. You want that new employee to be prepared and confident to do their job successfully. Check out this wonderful infographic. There will always be operational constraints to limit […]

Certified Micro-learning Developer Programme (Pilot)

We have just completed a successful pilot run of the Certified Micro-learning Developer Programme (CMLDP) with Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) to validate the training programme before we launch publicly. Introduction of CMLDP Mobagogy, which means learning led by mobile technology, is a relatively new personalised learning model that integrates mobile technology with andragogy. As […]

Anatomy of Great Micro-learning Assets

Micro-learning has proven to be a future-ready learning delivery method and possibly one of the most disruptive learning strategies. Most importantly, micro-learning appeals to adult learners who are pressed for time or who have short attention spans. And because lessons can be easily called up online, they play into the just-in-time mentality of today’s workforce. We […]